Baguio Night Market Millennial’s Trip

Blog #0016 Baguio Night Market


Its our first day here in Baguio,first tourist destination to visit. We already re-charge our selves from long trip plus the traffic jam. Where going to Night Market for Street Foods and Ukay-ukay finds.It’s a must, your BAGUIO TRIP is not complete without experiencing BAGUIO NIGHT MARKET.

Team Millennials

December 2018

We left our Hotel around 9:00 pm.We just took taxi from Hotel going to Harrison Road Night Market. Taxi is big & cheap here. I find it safe, even if your going late at night, you don’t have to worry because Taxi’s every were.The Baguio Night Market in Harrison Road brings life and color in the city after sundown,road is closed to traffic. It’s nearby to Burnham park and opens at 9pm.

When we arrive i was very surprise because theirs a huge crowd of people and “Oh!! I remember it’s Christmas break, They enjoying their holidays like us.

There are food stalls with lots of street foods.The items here are really cheap, especially pre owned ones like clothes, bags and shoes.

Team Milennials 1st Stop:  Food Trip

Street Foods at Baguio Night Market

We are fan of Food..especially Street Foods.

Here are Foodventures at Baguio Night Market

Pinoy Street Foodsreceived_787934081554300-01-552139059.jpeg


so yummy!!!


Nilagang Mais


Price start at 10 Php so cheap, you have different food to choose from kwek-kwek, fish balls, kikiam, goto, mami,mais,binatog,pansit, balut and many more.

Korean Street Foodsimag4295-03-254772910.jpeg




Lakas maka Myeong-dong feels

They also have Korean Food here in Baguio Night Market.Feels like your in Myeong-dong,

Its very cheap!!!

Odeng -Korean Fish Cake 10 Php only

Mandu-10 Php

Tteokbokki- 20 Php

Your 100 Php budget is enough, it will satisfy your inner foodie. (Saan k dadalhin ng 100 pesos mo??)

Team Milennials 2nd Stop: Ukay-ukay 


History 101: The first ukay-ukay was believed to have been founded in the early 1980s in Baguio. When calamities frequented the Philippines during that year, the Philippine Salvation Army would send secondhand garments and other goods to the refugees and victims as humanitarian assistance to the victims of the calamities.[2][3][4] Soon enough, the shipped goods, upon piling up, were bought in bulk by traders and sold to the public at significantly low prices. They used to market it to the low-income bracket, but following ukay-ukay’s increase in popularity, relatively richer customers who seek low-priced branded goods patronize ukay-ukay stores.

source: Wikipedia



While searching for some cheap clothing,we saw a vendor selling Strawberry Taho, which is very popular to tourist.

Strawberry Taho-Ube Taho 35 Php each

Team Milennials 3rd Stop: Session Road

After our food trip, we go for a long walk around session road to burn some fats & calories.And of course some photo oops..received_236895677204016-011075711561.jpeg

On our way going to Session road


Session Roadreceived_988410531347006-01-552139059.jpeg



Porta Vaga Mall 
#Team Millenials


received_758189874548158-01206201458.jpegJust beside Baguio Cathedral.We just make a quick stop at Dunkin-Donuts & 7-Eleven to buy some snacks for our tomorrows journey.

We go back to our hotel exactly 12 midnight.It’s been a long day for us.We really enjoy the night with lots of fun.

See you again on my next blog….

Family Baguio Trip Day 2….loading…..








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  1. vinneve says:

    I love Baguio we were there last year a very nice memories!

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    1. its a good place..for family vacation,,,

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  2. Roy Lando says:

    Hello Baguio…


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