Unli Samgyeopsal @ Pinoy Kkangpae

Blog #0015 Samgyeopsal Fever-Korean Foodtrip

It seems that most of us Filipinos already adopted the Korean Culture from the K-dramas, K-pop and especially their foods like kimchi, bibimbap,tteokbokki,mandu and samgyeopsal. I’ve notice on my stay in Philippines, we started embracing their food because you will see different Korean Restaurant everywhere which offers Unlimited grill.

Who doesn’t want unlimited food on a cheap price?

So I’m bringing the whole gang for a Korean Food Trip.Were heading for dinner in PINOY KKANGPAE.

50325156_10157048829895859_7495204409580716032_n This restaurant is a Korean style barbecue and grill for only Php299.00 per person, you can enjoy their unlimited pork belly,chicken,beef (samgyeopsal) flavored meat slices. They also have side dishes like kimchi,lettuce, peanut,anchovies, potato marble,turnip,sweet banana and also unlimited drinks (ice tea). When we went to Pinoy KKangpae there’s a promotion going on for 3+1 pay for tree,eat for four.What a good deal!!!!right…

Here’s whats inside..


The Menu


The Unlimited Meat


different flavors to chose from Barbecue,Teriyaki,Tapa,Bulgogi,Plain

The Unlimited Side Dishes


different side dishes from Lettuce,Kimchi,peanut,anchovies, potato marble,turnip,and sweet banana.

Its grilling time…..

Jal meokeosseumnida!!!!!51109488_372098140005742_6777087561316696064_n.jpgIMAG4943IMAG4953received_2056305814406505

The Unlimited Gang49914630_311549946234665_8197802755025272832_nreceived_1168471526656188received_317157549155120received_2351117071625692We really enjoy the food.. and our full stomach..but they don’t offer desserts here.Hope they will serve soon like (bingsu or korean ice cream)..so we just go to the nearby 7-11 store for some ice-creams.

49727936_321356395146232_1614099029673639936_ntill our next foodtrips…chingus.. Gomawoyo!!!!

Where to Find:50636748_369601543621124_7432099850964959232_n

Address : 2010 Agape Center Building, 4th Floor, Victor Medina St., San Dionisio, Parañaque City located along Victor Medina St.San Dionisio Paranaque City, between Central Elementary School & Jollibee.







5 Comments Add yours

  1. MrsWayfarer says:

    Lots of good Korean restos in Paranaque indeed. The unlimited banchan is the icing on the cake

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mgkno per head dyan Leo?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. murang mura lng 299 pesos..its more fun eating in the Philippines,,

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes agree😅😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. utubemome says:

    Wow! It is where I grew up actually haha! I didn’t even know. Once I can come back to Pinas will bring my family and friends there to try! Thanks for the idea.


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