Island Of Qeshm

Blog #007 Dubai to Qeshm:Exit Experience


Life of an OFW in United Arab Emirates is not complete without having a change visa experience in (Qeshm- Iran, Kish- Iran and Oman) because this is the nearest place and the cheapest way while your waiting for your visa outside UAE.Traveling to Qeshm,Iran by plane is just 45 mins away from Dubai.

This my 2nd exit (2016)… the first one as a can barely remember was way back 2007 in Oman by bus.


I took the evening flight via Qeshm Airlines, on the departure area i noticed that most of the passenger are my fellow Kabayans. All of them are friendly we got a chance to share our stories to each other their experience, struggle and achievements. Most of them are on visit visa looking for job opportunity here in United Arab Emirates.

Once you arrive Iran for all women passenger have strict dress code. Women in Iran must always wear a long coat/tunic over their regular clothes and are required to cover their heads with a scarf. It’s the law. Some dress are available at the airport for free but don’t forget to give it back once you return to Dubai.We arrive late night at Qeshm Iran from Airport we need to travel by bus for almost 2 hours going to our hotel were we will spent our days waiting for our visa.The road is quite scary because its dark and we’re new to that place.

Diplomat Hotel in Iran

I stayed for about 5 days here with my newly found friends.

Every morning there’s a free breakfast that hotel offers includes hard boiled egg, tea and the bread we call it “bimpo”(means towel) it’s very hard once get cold but still tasty.

Just outside the hotel this place were we usually hang out,eat our breakfast and lunch

Iranian Food/Persian Food

For our lunch we eat on the nearby hotel.

I notice that food in some restaurants are bland or maybe they forget to put salt on it.

Exploring Qeshm Island

We all got bored so we’ve decided to go outside and explore the Island

Tip:Always go with groups they said its very dangerous if your going all alone.

Taxi is cheap here we just pay only 10dhs for a 15 mins drive from our Hotel going to Golden Beach.

UAE currency(AED) is highly accepted here.






There’s a restaurant along the beach front which offers mouth-watering delicious pizza.






picture picture with Kabayans

I’m heading back to Dubai the next day. It was a wonderful experience here in Qeshm-Iran. I got a chance to meet new people, see different culture, taste & explore local foods.

This is One of My OFW Stories.

Travel Quotes:

TRAVEL gives you the best experience of LIFE….




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  1. utubemome says:

    Hi how are you nowadays? it’s been awhile this is my newest blog name coz I have YT channel too please check it out. I hope you are fine sis! Nasa Dubai ka pa ba or Pinas na??


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